Digital Studio Berlin

Our digital studio in the middle of Berlin offers you a unique infrastructure consisting of event equipment, event technology and conceptual design. (more…)

Rent a mobile air filter

Clean and healthy indoor air, a constantly present topic in times of Corona. With Nevoox air filters, we offer you all-round protection for event and office spaces of all sizes. UV-C Air Purifier Nevoox – Air purifier with HEPA-13 filter (more…)

Single Kombi for secure conference

Ideal for any type of conference, exam or other event format where distance is required. (more…)

Active against Corona

Furniture hire and booth construction in times of COVID19 Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. (more…)

Homeoffice furniture for companies

Note to the catalogue: "Changes, errors and colour deviations excepted. Similar images." Designer furniture for homeoffice Many companies now allow their employees to have a home office. (more…)