expofair goes GREEN

Sustainability: expofair has been focussed on this idea for many years, but to consistently integrate this sensitive subject into daily business, expofair has implemented and constantly expanded on the “expofair goes GREEN” concept. Expofair has thus developed into a service provider which can now present itself as a sustainable ecological event company.

We especially place a lot of value on the recyclability of all new furniture, a vehicle fleet which complies with the current environmental standards, and the intention to exchange our existing cars with electric cars in the future.

Internally as well, it is every employee’s responsibility to maintain expofair’s environmental resolutions. Thus both sides of every sheet of paper are used, cardboard is reused as new storage space in the warehouse, and printers are used sparingly. But if paper is used, it has the environmentally-friendly FSC logo on it, as do our catalogues and leaflets.

Furthermore, expofair has two certificates: the certification pursuant to ISO 9001:2015 in quality management, and the “We Train” certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.