Rent a mobile air filter

Clean and healthy indoor air, a constantly present topic in times of Corona. With Nevoox air filters, we offer you all-round protection for event and office spaces of all sizes.

UV-C Air Purifier Nevoox – Air purifier with HEPA-13 filter
MODEL NEVOOX LF 2030 – Mobile floor standing unit

For room sizes from 50–84 m²

Maximum flexibility through mobility

CADR solid pollutants: 720 m³/h / CADR gaseous pollutants: 180 m³/h

Highly efficient air purification for a clean, safe and fresh environment

HEPA-13 filter with 99.95 % filter performance for viruses and bacteria

Low noise operation 35 dB

Negative ion concentration: more than 3 million

Virus and bacteria removal: UV-C radiation, 253.7 nm silver ions plus cold catalyst

Dimensions: H 103 cm x W 43 cm x D 13cm (base diameter 14 cm)


Patented multi-fan technology

The combination of several wind wheels, ample air intake and large wind area make five times the performance of conventional air purifiers possible.

6-fold filter system

6-layer cleaning system for efficient removal of fine dust, formaldehyde, germs, viruses and bacteria. Replaceable filter with a running time of max. 1500 hours.

Intelligent sensor technology

Automatic detection of air quality by a PM1.0 sensor, PM2.5 sensor and temperature and humidity sensors.

12V/8W Brushless DC motor

Quiet, highly efficient, durable with low energy consumption – enables fast, efficient and safe air purification of large air volumes.

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